Tap Flow Restrictors conserves water by 50% can be fit at the back of the tap.


4 LPM Health Faucet water Saver, Taps Water Saver.

tap flow restrictor & Aerator inserts help saving water can be fit in the back of the tap. Water flow restrictors for taps made of Nylon and its very effective in saving water.

Advantage of Tap Flow restrictor / Flow Controllers are:

  • Tap Flow restrictor can be used in taps without threads, Health Faucets and Showers.
  • Just remove the tap joints and install the flow regulator. A cost-effective way to save water.
  • Flow regulators are made up of Nylon, an engineering plastic known for its durability.
  • Outputs only 4 Liters per minute whereas the normal tap flow or shower flow is around 8 to 16 liters per minute