AERA Water Saving Nozzle for Taps


Upgrade your kitchen with the new AERA Kitchen Tap Extender with –

  • 3 flow modes
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Up to 85% water saving
  • easy installation

Why choose the AERA Kitchen Tap Extender?

  •  Multi-flow modes: Comes with 3 flow modes for the best cleaning experience.
  • Water Saving Efficiency: Save up to 85% of water without compromising on performance. Our aerator helps you reduce water usage while maintaining a powerful and effective flow.
  •  Effortless washing: Say goodbye to scrubbing and struggling with stubborn stains. Our aerator creates a robust and consistent flow that effortlessly rinses away dirt, grime, and food residue. It’s a time-saving solution that simplifies your daily cleaning tasks.
  • Installation: Installation is a breeze! You can install the AERA Kitchen Tap Extender in 3 minutes.
  • Compatibility: AERA Kitchen Tap Extenders are compatible with 22, 24 mm taps.

Upgrade your kitchen with the Greenly India Tap Extender Aerator today and enjoy the benefits of water-saving technology, effortless washing, and the freedom to customize your water flow. It’s the perfect solution to enhance your kitchen routine and make your life easier.