AC Air Conditioning Misting System Manufacturer and Supplier in India | Air con misting system | AC condenser misting system kit

Truemist misting system provides rugged, low maintenance, and ever-lasting dry Fog Air conditioning misting systems designed and engineered as per customer requirement to meet the unique operating requirement of our customers. The condenser misting system sprays water on the AC condenser in micron-sized particles without wetting the condenser. Such sprinkler in AC units helps reduce energy and operational cost for the AC chiller and condenser units. Pre-cooling helps in reduction in power consumption and increasing the cooling of your existing AC units. Saves 10 to 20% On electricity.

The following benefits will become more apparent as your systems run more efficiently:

  •  Less energy consumption
  • Releasing of  less greenhouse gases
  •  Water savings
  •  Cost-saving as a result of less energy and water usage

Suitable for

  •  Commercial and industrial air-conditioning
  •  Refrigeration units
  •  HVAC units

During the hot weather months, units are under constant pressure to circulate enough cool air to the area where it is needed. Put simply when air temperature increases, electricity consumption in air-conditioning units increases substantially and in addition to this process, the cooling capacity of the air-conditioning unit decreases.