Dust suppression fogging system for Coal mines, chrushers.


What is dust suppression?

Dust suppression refers to the application of water and additional chemicals to prevent any fine pollutants from being carried into the air and instead puts the fines to the material bed. This restricts the airborne dissemination of fine particles using strategically placed nozzles to bring particles to ground.


Our Misting systems facilitate indoor and outdoor dust suppression that provide an extremely successful solution to airborne dust suppression and air filtration using high pressure misting systems that are the most commonly and appropriately used solution to indoor areas, bot large and small. This helps in suppressing dust by materials handling or the manufacturing process overall.

The Truemist Dust Suppression misting systems creates a high concentration of ultra-thin water droplets that have the ability to capture and suppress particles of PM10 size and even smaller. The average diameter of the water droplets is at 10 microns. These water droplets instantly blanket the suspended dust particles from the air and drives them to the ground with their increasing weight.


• Easy and fast instillation
• Cleanable nozzles
• Automatic functioning
• Easy and minimum maintenance
• Reduction in water consumption
• Lowers labor cost
• Reduces environmental negative impacts
• Adherence to environmental and pollution standards
• Increase in quality of working conditions
• Longer life of machines
• Reduces pollution levels


• Industries
• Coal Mines
• Blue metal crushers
• Demolition sites
• Recycling plants
• Landfills
• Woodworking units
• Odor suppressing systems
• Materials handling and reloading facilities
• Composting Units

Frequently asked questions:

1. What is the price of a dust suppression unit?
The price of the dust suppression system is dependent on factors like size of operations, specific client requirement, location of instillation etc. Its best to get in touch with our highly qualified team to get an approximate quotation.

2. Is a dust suppression system effective?
A dust suppression system has shown and proven its results in all areas and is an extremely advantageous investment which will show returns immediately.