Industrial Mist Systems are used for Cooling applications, Dust control applications and odor Control applications. We design, supply and Install Industrial misting and Fogging Cooling system in Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan


Industrial Mist Systems are used for Cooling applications, Dust control applications and odor Control applications

Misting systems are installed in Industries or Commercial locations has enormous advantages for air-conditioning of large indoor areas due to high benefits and reduced energy consumption as well as cost.

Create a safer and more productive working environment in the industries. Cooling employees, equipment and processes can lead to a productive environment and big profits. Cooler workers are safer and more productive. Cooler machines last longer and with increased production and reduced maintenance cost as well. Many processes that need cooling can be increased up using mist cooling.

Air conditioning of large industrial warehouses, including those which need to operate with open doors and windows, was until now impossible with conventional systems. Today, however, misting systems becomes ideal for cooling large areas (industrial sheds, garages, workshops) or to dissipate high heat emissions from industrial processes (foundries, machinery). Cooling effect can also be combined with humidity control to increase productivity in specific industries (paper, wood, textiles).

Water is sprayed under pressure by our High pressure misting nozzles capable of generating very fine droplets of less than 10 microns, which are immediately absorbed by the air without wetting surfaces and objects below the nozzles.

The results are significant:

  • low cost of installation
  • low cost operation
  • immediately effective
  • cooling effects cam be located only in areas of interest
  • possibility of installation in an enclosed or semi-open or open environment.
  • Reduced energy consumption



  • Increase overall productivity of your staff
  • Air conditioning in localized areas of interest
  • Control of dust, gases, fumes and other harmful emissions
  • Immediate temperature reduction
  • Installation costs reduced by 75%
  • Considerable energy savings
  • Easy and inexpensive maintenance
  • Reduced heat stress


Textile Units
Power loom Units
Spinning Mills
Blue metal processing units


Industrial High pressure Misting system

What is a misting system?

A misting system refer to a combination of a series of mist nozzles that are placed around a perimeter to help in cooling of the interiors of that area. They are generally connected with a high-pressure misting pump and water is passed through the specially designed nozzles and is swiftly atomized into droplets.

Industrial cooling with misting:

There are various air-conditioning advantages of a misting system in large indoor areas that have various benefits including a drastic reduction in energy consumption. They help in creating a safer work environment with higher productivity and positivity. The overall cooling process with our highly durable equipment’s and process can lead to a happier work space which will indirectly lead to better profits.

Conventional systems made it impossible to cool partially open spaces with lots of open doors and windows, but this problem can be overcome with industrial misting systems that can operate in such spaces. Example: Warehouses, industrial sheds, garages, workshops etc.

These misting systems are now gaining popularity and have become the ideal and go-to mode of cooling large spaces or to dissipate high heat emissions from industrial processes like machinery and foundries. The cooling effect from these systems can also be combined with humidity control modes to increase productivity in certain specific industries like paper, wood, textiles etc.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. What is the price of an industrial high pressure misting system?

The price of this system varies in each place and is based on various external factors like size of operations, location of instillation etc. its best to get in touch with our team of highly trained members to get a quotation based on your needs.

  1. Does Greenly make their own systems?

Greenly is among the leading manufacturer and distributors of high pressure industrial misting systems in India.

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