Humidification in textile/ spinning mills


Why is humidification required in textile mills?

Ensuring that a textile mill has the right humidity levels will keep all the processes of the production process from combing of raw materials, carding, twisting till spinning and weaving extremely flexible and prevent the product from breaking.

Each textile has certain specific conditions in which it can optimally thrive such as:

  1. Wool: Susceptible to dry air and requires humidity level of 65% RH
  2. Cotton and Linen: Require high humidity levels of 70-80% RH
  3. Silk: Requires humidity level of 65-70% RH
  4. Artificial silk: High level of 85% RH
  5. Man made fibers: Lower level of humidity- below 45% RH


At Greenly India we provide humidification systems that use high pressure pumps to pressurize a pre-treated supply water between 1000 and 2000 psi. the stainless-steel orifice of fog nozzles atomizes the water into billons of ultra-fine fog droplets.

These fog systems do not require compressed air or heat. Since there is direct pressure applied there are very few moving parts and no moving parts in the air handlers or the humidified space.

The energy consumed by the humidification system is a relatively small friction as compared to other technological systems such as compressed air, ultra- sonic or canister steam systems.

Each Greenly India fog system is carefully and thoroughly engineered to fit the exact application requirement. Each system is designed based on specific requirements such as heat loads, ambient climate data and ventilation rates.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. What is the price of a humidification system?

The price for each system is based on various external factors and can be customized based on client needs. Our team can provide a quotation based on the exact features and fixtures required.

  1. Does Greenly India manufacture its own humidification system?

Yes. At Greenly India we keep in mind customer needs and manufacture and distribute humidification systems all across India.