misting system for Hydroponic and Aeroponic system


Hydroponic misting system

Truemist Hydroponic misting system offers carefully designed misting fogging system to effectively cool the environment improving the health of the plant. when installed in a Shed or green house, ultra-fine water droplets from the hydroponic misting nozzle evaporates and mixes with air and cools the surface. A misting system creates a curtain of mist, which can reduce temperatures in the immediate area by as much as 12 degrees Celsius. Outdoor temperature and humidity plays a major role in temperature reduction as well.

If a misting system is used in a high humidity climate the introduction of a fine mist to the growing environment will quickly raise the humidity levels beyond 85%.

Whats the effect of misters on plants?

  • Healthier plant
  • High Yield
  • Less maintenance


  • Easy installation
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Low energy consumption
  • Drastically reduces Dust
  • Odor control
  • Optimum usage of water
  • Increased Air flow


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Milk Dairy Farms
Stud Farms
Goat Farms
Rabbit Farms
Cow &Buffalo farms
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