The indoor misting system uses flash evaporative cooling by producing micron sized water particles. These Indoor mist cooling system is widely used in places where the places which needs cooling and dry.


Air conditioning systems perform at their worst on hot summer days, just when they are needed the most. The cooling capacity decreases by 14-15% and the power draw increases by 31%. The problem occurs in condensers which have to change vapors refrigerant into liquid forcing the air through the unit and absorbing heat from the refrigerant causing it to condense. Applying a water fogging system to air-cooled chillers can improve the efficiency under most of the working conditions, as the water mist could lower the air temperature entering the condenser.   On typical air-cooled chillers, a reduction in condenser air temperature of 6 °C will result in a 14% improvement in efficiency and 12°C about 25-30%. Indoor misting cooling system is very effective and has the following benefits.