Mainline Hard Water Filter for whole house (20 inch)


Chlorine and hard water salts in your water are among the most common causes of hair-fall, dry skin and a range of other dermatological problems. Are you tired of seeing limescale deposits appear on your appliances, vessels and even your bathroom floors? The water you get usually has contaminants like chlorine, hard-water salts and sediments. Get rid of the problem at its source with the RIO Mainline Filter.
This Point of Entry system shields the appliances in your home from the sediments and hard water salts, extending their life. The anti-scalant layer inhibits the formation of limescale deposits. Additionally, a mainline filter increases the efficiency of CLEO and IRIS filters, providing twice the protection for your hair, skin and appliances. Fortify your home with the new RIO Mainline Filter.
Installation needs to be done at the point of entry to your bathroom or home. Your plumber should be able to assist you with the installation points. If you have any queries or want us to install the product for you, please reach out to us at 1800-121-0599

  • Large 10-inch filter for filtering dust, sand and mud particles and conditioning hard water and making it soft.
  • Protects from limescale on bath fittings, tiles & utensils
  • Reduces Hairfall & improves skin health
  • Designed for smaller apartments and bathrooms
  • High filtration capacity – 24,000 L/day