Misting system for Cow shed | Fogger for cow shed | fogger system for cows to keep cows cool and happy which results in good milk yeild.


Truemist Misting System manufactures fogger systems for dairy farms as Cows are liable to heat stress. This condition can influence milk creation, weight gain, and reproducing cycles. Our mist cooling system for dairy farm helps to diminish temperatures and simultaneously drive dairy animals to eat more and produce more milk.

Assessments made by veterinarians have exhibited the prevalence of high-weight misting systems to cool and lessen heat stress in dairy bovines. In situations where stickiness levels are excessively high, it is joined with elective estimates, for example, drenching.

Our High-Pressure Misting / Fogging system produces water beads so little that they’re ready to rapidly dissipate and quickly start cooling when enacted. Quick vanishing keeps creatures, their bedding, and their current circumstance dry to forestall sickness.