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Why do mushroom cultivation farms need misting systems?

Mushrooms are very sensitive plants even if they do not feel it visually. Mushroom farms are one of the highest demanding fields of misting systems. More than 90% of the mushrooms contain water and hence it is important to find the right solution to maintain temperature and humidity levels for their production. Fog nozzles can ideally be used for their cultivation as the vapoured water can reach each point of production. Particularly the surface part of the mushrooms is much more affected by temperature and humidity, since there is no protection section in contact with air.


Mushrooms grow best in dim and muggy conditions. To grow mushrooms successfully and up to the mark for human consumption, humidifiers are utilized to keep an ideal air moistness of 90 – 95%rH.

Mushroom cultivation is a booming business to this day and is continually diversifying and expanding as well. Cultivation of mushrooms requires a steady set of conducive factors and environmental conditions for its growth and productivity, hence Truemist Misting System has designed and manufactured a perfect system for mushroom humidification. Our misting system and Fogging systems are suitable for both Button mushrooms and Oyster mushroom cultivation. With the strategically placed High-pressure mist nozzles, the system works perfectly without spilling water over the mushrooms and shows maximum desired output with low costs of instalment and set-up.

A high-pressure misting system is one where the pump hooks to a hose, connected to a water source. Then it connects to an electrical outlet. The misting system is connected to a timer so it goes on every seven or eight minutes for one-minute intervals as determined by the farmers. The room slowly fills with a fine mist once the high-pressure misting system is on. The very fine mist allows the room to stay humid, but the mushrooms don’t get wet.

Frequently asked questions:

1. What is the price of a mushroom cultivation misting system?
A mushroom cultivation misting system is based on the size of the pump, location of operations etc. our team can provide a right quote for the product based on the exact customer needs.

2. Is it important to have a misting system in mushroom cultivation?
Yes. Installing a misting system in mushroom cultivation can be extremely beneficial and also create the perfect environment for mushrooms to thrive in.