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Misting system for Home and Gardens designed to spray water on the garden plantations, Patio, large halls, outdoor areas in the house. Misting systems sprays water above the plants so it gets the entire coverage. With the help of high-pressure pumps that carry water from the tank to the stainless steel connectors and nozzles via high-pressure pipes, water is misted and spread evenly across all the plants.

Truemist misting system anti-drip mist nozzles prevent any unnecessary dripping of water or solution particles once the system is stopped or turned off. With our go green initiative in mind, our nozzles are specifically designed to save water to the maximum level and help you save money on water bills as well as provide the adequate water required for the plants. Greenly Misting Nozzles are arranged in accordance with the placement and design of the greenhouse so the mist is evenly distributed to all the places and reaches every nook and corner.

We help to design the nozzle placement in line with the arrangement of the plans. Features: 1.Great for cooling garden-grown flowers 2.Can be widely used in plant humidification, cooling, disinfection, dust reduction, landscaping, and other artificial fog. 3. No air assistance required, atomization is sufficient, energy and water-saving, low cost, and good effect.


  • Higher Productivity
  • Perfect growing conditions
  • Reduced product spoilage
  • Reduced venting requirements during warmer periods.


Milk Dairy Farms
Stud Farms
Goat Farms
Rabbit Farms
Cow &Buffalo farms
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