Misting system for Playground Stadium and Sport Arena in India


What is a Misting system for Playground Stadium and Sport Arena?

Beating the heat is extremely important as summer months arrive and sporting events pack large number of spectators into a single venue. This may carry certain specific risks and make the social situation extremely uncomfortable with thousands of sweaty people in bleachers. A misting system can be a simple solution of keeping the heat at bay in a cost-effective manner without any major compromises on the structure of the stadium or sports arena.


Playground misting systems can help in decreasing outside temperatures up to 25 degrees and will ensure that children do not face the risk of heat strokes in hot summer months. Your children will be in an appropriate environment and stay revived while getting the required exercise with their companions. The high-pressure misting systems by Greenly India keep your children cool in the warmth in playgrounds, play areas, schools and park jungle and gyms. Studies also show that youngsters can play securely and agreeable for longer timeframes when they are cooler and appropriately hydrated and Greenly India ensures that this is brought to life.

Frequently asked questions:

1. What is the price of a sports arena misting system?
The exact price of a cooling system is based on various external factors like size of operations, location of operations etc. its best advised to get in touch with our team, which will provide a quote based on your needs.

2. Does Greenly India manufacture its own cooling systems?
Yes, at Greenly India we are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of high-pressure misting systems PAN India.