Hotel and Resorts misting system


Misting systems are a must during warm weather to keep your surroundings cool. Truemist offers permanently installed misting lines to cool any outdoor area. Misting systems keep your customers cool all around your resort or farmhouses. Truemist high-pressure misting systems create tiny droplets of water that flash evaporative to cool outdoor areas without causing wetness.

Truemist Mist systems utilize a full line of commercial-grade pumps and materials that stand up to the rigorous demands of everyday use. To ensure longevity, our products only use top-quality parts. We utilize high pressure pumps to atomize droplets down to 10 microns which causes the mist to flash evaporate and cool the targeted area. The higher water pressure and the high pressure fog nozzles create the right amount of vapor to cool the air without noticeable moisture or condensation.