MIZU Kitchen Tap Filter for Mud, Sand & Sediments – Ideal for Kitchen & Wash Basin Taps


The MIZU universal tap filter is specially designed to remove dust, sand, rust and other impurities as small as 5 microns to provide you with cleaner and clearer water. MIZU is recommended for areas with high levels of TSS (total suspended solids) in the water. This filter however is NOT designed to reduce hardness or TDS of the water. Installing and maintaining the MIZU is very easy. It fits on all standard 22 and 24 mm taps and the adaptors for these sizes are included in the pack. Comes with 22 & 24 mm adaptors and a spanner. 28mm adaptors can be ordered separately if you are trying to install Mizu on a bath mixer faucet. Typical life of the cartridge is around 2 months, however this completely depends on the quality of water. Once the cartridge is dirty or the flow reduces, simply reorder another one.

  • Filter used for removing mud & dust particles from Kitchen Tap Water
  • Makes water safe and clean for washing vegetables, utensils & brushing.
  • Replace the Cartridge every 2 months. However, actual life will depend on water quality.
  • This filter is for non-drinking purposes only. Should not be used for drinking.
  • Package includes 2 connectors, spanner, Teflon tape & free water-saving aerator.