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Pressmatic Water Saving Bibcock taps helps in saving water using auto closing valve mechanism after 8 to 10 seconds or auto shut by Sensors

At Greenly we offer a range of different kinds of Water saving taps so there’s something that is suitable for every kind of washroom environment. Many of our Pressmatic tap clients are doctors, dentists  hotels, restaurants and other hospitality and catering environments, where Water saving taps offer clear advantages over manual  taps.

At Greenly, our aim has always been to offer products that help our clients to conserve water (indeed, we’ve written before about the importance of water saving for all of us). Pressmatic taps generally include an aerator in the spout which disperses the water and means that much less is needed for washing than is the case with traditional taps.

This means that Pressmatic taps generally have a much lower flow rate than traditional hand-operated basin taps. Traditional taps can use up to 8-16 litres of water per minute. In comparison, our Taps offer flow rates of as little as 300 ml per minute, up to 97% less than traditional household taps .

We sometimes speak to customers who are concerned that switching to Pressmatic taps might increase their energy usage, given that Pressmatic taps doesnot need electricity in order to work unlike Sensor Taps.

Sensor Taps

Sensor taps have been proven to provide water savings compared with standard taps. Generally, in public areas, where sensor taps are installed, the users are not placing a high priority on being careful with the amount of water they use. Sensor taps can equate to savings as high as 60%, depending on the type of tap being used.

With sensor taps there are several factors which ensure a more efficient use of water. Firstly, the water flow only occurs when the hands are directly in front of the sensor in the hand washing area. In situations where the user is soaping their hands, or washing their face for example, there is no water running, meaning significant water saving.

Secondly, at installation the water flow is set at a fixed level. Coupled with the generally low consumption flow regulators in the tap itself, the amount of water being used is restricted. With normal taps, the user spends a few seconds getting the water flow at the desired level, wasting water, as well as the users who just turn the tap on too high for regular hand washing.

Details of Water Saving Taps.

  • Optimum Flow and Temperature
  • Operates Smoothly
  • Higher Longevity
  • Soft Water Flow
  • Advanced Water Saving Flow Regulator
  • Higher Durability
  • Unmatched warranty up to 7 years for residential and 5 years for commercial installations.
  • Finish- Chrome

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1.Optimum Flow and Temperature
2.Operates Smoothly
3.Higher Longevity
4.Soft Water Flow


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