RENO Water Softener
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  • 360-degree protection from hard water
  • Options available for 1, 2 & 3 BHK home
  • Protects hair, skin and appliances
  • 2 years warranty

RENO 1000 is a smart water softener that takes care of your home and your family. It is best suited for a Bathroom/Kitchen. It is compact, sits elegantly in your bathroom/ kitchen and gives you soft water around the clock.

Its digital display makes it a highly convenient, zero-headache automatic softener- it shows you the real-time status of the device and alerts you when it is time to add salt to maintain effective regeneration.

With this smart softener, keep your hair and skin problems away from hard water.

RENO 1000 will bring back the shine of your tiles, bath or kitchen fittings and make your home look as fresh as new! With the reduction in limescale deposits caused by hard water, your appliances will last longer and work smoother.