Special Effects Misting System with Laser


Truemist misting system represents considerable authority in making real life mist/fog effects. Recognizable developments found in nature are reproduced with our unadulterated water, high-pressure mist frameworks to upgrade any outside field. Gifted to deal with complex elements and modern end client encounters, our Design Team uses our own designing and inventiveness to work together with display planners, engineers, specialists, wellspring fashioners and amusement park architects to convey predominant haze, smoke, for and mist effects.

Each effect starts with unadulterated water. The water conveyed at high-pressure through stainless steel atomization line and through to explicit nozzles that redirect the manner in which the haze/fog impacts will be seen. We coordinate and position nozzles in norm and custom haze manifolds to help direct the haze stream to cover, feature, attract and cause to notice the various components of your open air magnum opus. Greenly has carefully machined mist nozzles that can make anything from tight crest, wisps, fogs, light haze and all type of misting effects contingent upon the ideal watcher experience.