TrueMist spray/ shower True Aerator perfects the flow of water into spray form achieving water efficiency.
Conserve up to 75% water with our True aerators without losing the tap functionality. Water saving aerator starts from 2 LPM, 3 LPM, and 4 LPM.

Greenly WaterSAVE Kitchen Tap Aerator – 4 liters per minute (LPM) – Spray / shower flow pattern (WS-S4)

Water Saving Aerator for taps from Greenly range of products gives very good results in saving water for both commercial as well as residential Tap installations.

faucet Aerator (or Tap Aerator) is often found at the tip of modern indoor water Taps / faucets. Aerators can be simply screwed onto the faucet head, creating a non-splashing stream and often delivering a mixture of water and air and  act as a water saving Aerator for tap.

Water Saving aerators for Taps come in the form of mesh screens that divide the flow of water into multiple small streams by adding air in between. The volume of water flowing from the tap gets appreciably reduced as the water stream is diluted with air. This results in water savings and minimize splashing in sinks.

Normal Aerators will not restrict the flow of water and the water flow is directly proportional to the pressure of the water line. so, Normal Aerator dispense anywhere between 8 liters per minutes to 15 liters per minute. but water saving aerators are designed to save water.

Water Saving Aerator for tap has following advantage.

  •  Prevent water splashing out of Kitchen Sinks.
  •  Shape the water stream coming out of the faucet spout, to produce a straight and evenly pressured stream.
  • Conserve water and reduce energy costs.
  • Reduce faucet noise.
  • Increase perceived water pressure (often used in homes with low water pressure); sometimes described as a pressure regulator or flow regulator.
  • Provides filtration of debris.

Greenly Kitchen Tap Water saver aerators (WS-S4) has following advantages:

  • Saves around 50% compared to normal aerators.
  • Best suitable for Kitchen taps and places where the water requirement is bit higher.
  • Made up of Poly-Oxy-Methelene, an Engineering plastic.
  • anti-clogging filter screen filters sediments and particles.
  • perfect flow quality even under different flow conditions.
  • fulfills all standard requirements.
  • Reduce Energy bills.
  • Extended life.
  • very low noise level.
  • Easy installation and maintenance.
  • Economical and Best Return on Investment.

1. What is the minimum operating water pressure required for Aerators?

Greenly Aerators operates even without any external pressure booster pumps. Ideal Operating Pressure is 1 bar to 4 bar.

2. How do I measure Pressure out of my taps?

Contact a Plumber to measure the pressure or Please install a Pressure gauge.

3. How do i figure out the size of the taps?

Take a measuring scale directly under the faucet and measure diameter or  Find out the size of the faucet by removing the Aerator / Adapter rings and measure the diameter.

4. Does this work with automated faucets in Kitchen area?

As long as the tap have a removable Aerator, it works.

5. Will the WaterSAVE Aerator works in hard and salty water ?

WaterSAVE Aerators is made up of Poly Oxy Methelene to withstand any type of water. Just like any other taps or sanitary products, Scales forms after a period of time on the surface of the Aerators. We recommend to immerse our Nozzle in Vinegar overnight to remove the scales, Clean and Use afterwards.

6. Does this kitchen Aerator require periodic maintenance?

Yes. Due to foreign particles and sediments in the water, We recommend to remove the WaterSAVE Aerator and clean the filters periodically.

7. What is the flow rate of normal aerators?

Normal Aerators flow rates vary from 8 liters to 12 liters per minute based on water pressure at you installations.

8. What is the warranty Period?

1 Year from the date of receiving the Aerators. Warranty is provided only against manufacturing defect.

9. Does the aerators fits all kind of Taps?

Aerators fits only 22 mm standard tap(F24/M24 threaded taps)

10. Do I need technical assistance in installing this kitchen aerators 4LPM?

Not really required. This product is DIY (Do It Yourself). A 22 mm spanner or a wrench is sufficient to remove the existing Aerator and Install Water SAVE Aerator. Just a 2 minute job.

11. Can we use this water saving Aerator with plastic taps?

Most plastic taps do not come with a filter fitment at tap end. It cannot be fixed on such taps. If the plastic taps has the right thread size, It can be used.

12. Does Kitchen Aerator spray out of faucet

No. As the Aerator sprays the water gently, No splashing of water from Aerator

13. Can it be installed in 18mm (Junior size) or 28 mm kitchen tap fittings ?

Needs an Suitable Adapter to connect between kitchen tap fittings and Aerator rings. Please send us the tap details, we can provide a suitable size adapter for you.

14. Can I use this product in a non-Threaded Taps?

Sorry. Its not possible to use it in Non-Threaded taps. We are trying to find a solution for it.

15. Do I need regular maintenance?

Absolutely. Maintenance is based on the quality and sediments of your tap water. We advise cleaning of filter once in 15 days.


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Output LPM 4 LPM
Flow patterns
Shower / Spray
Method of Construction
Poly-Oxy-Methelene (An Engineering Plastic)
Suitable for
22 mm Diameter threaded shells(M24/F24 threaded taps)
Operating Pressure
0.8 bar to 4 bar.