we offer wide range of water saver nozzle for taps to suits your needs. Be it a Kitchen sink, wash rooms, bathroom basins or any other installations, We have right options for you.

Not finding the right option? we can customize for your requirement !!!

We sell water saving nozzle, Aerators and serve throughout India and focusing on entire NCR regions including Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Greater Noida, Faridabad and Gazhiabad

Greenly Sustainable Solutions a leading innovator and manufacturer of Water Saver Products like water saver nozzles for taps, tap Aerators, Water flow regulators, sink faucet regulators and other water saving devices.

The idea for introducing Water Saving products arose from the need to conserve water given that an average person uses nearly 600 liters a year just to wash hands. The amount of freshwater available for ready consumption is just 0.3% of the total freshwater on earth. Water saver products such as Greenly TrueMist, TrueMist Twister, TrueSpray, True TapShower, Water SAVE Aerators and flow regulators are made up of food grade materials and helps in saving water up to 97% with its ergonomically structure. The use of Water Save products helps in reducing wastage of water as well as in reducing the overall carbon footprints.

Other products from Greenly stable includes Water Saving Nozzles for Industries such as Efficient water bottle washing nozzles, Dust Suppression nozzles, Fire Suppression Nozzles, Green house nozzles, Vessel washing nozzle and many other customized products. Our strength is customization. We can handle small orders as low as 25 pieces to bulk orders. With our decade of manufacturing experience, We can satisfy your water saving requirement at ease.

We, at Greenly, commit to saving natural resources with utmost comfort and ease. Use of right technology saves ample amount of resources in day to day lives. Greenly makes an effort to innovate products which cover major spectrum of natural resources being used in our daily lives and saves 70-80% of the resources. Conservation of natural resources is not merely a question of morality, but a question of our own survival. We often think the process of conservation is hard and asks for huge sacrifices of comforts but NO. Greenly redefining the conservation of natural resources in the easiest way.

We supply water saving nozzles and serve throughout India and with our office managed by BJ Corporation in Gurgaon, we are aiming to become a leading supplier in water conservation products on entire NCR regions including Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Greater Noida, Faridabad, Gazhiabad and Jaipur.


Our mission is to provide efficient, effective and reliable sustainable solutions like water saver saving product and continue to innovate

Reduce | Reuse | Recycle

Leading Integrator of Misting system in India


Misting / Fogging systems create an excellent mist or fog effect. It is a package of pumps and a series of misting nozzles connected to tubing, and the system is pressurized to provide a fine mist or fog with tiny water droplet sizes anywhere between 5 to 50 microns.
The mist system works on evaporation cooling and works perfectly with dry weather conditions. 
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