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The Nebia Spa Shower envelops you in warm steam and spray. With 10 precision-tuned nozzles that atomize water, Nebia delivers millions of microdrops to hydrate your skin far better than standard showers.

The best 10 minutes of your day.
When developing Nebia, we reconsidered every aspect of what a shower should be. Our team of engineers and designers created a powerful shower system that fits the whole family, looks stunning, and delivers 10X more surface area of water. Bonus: the Nebia Spa Shower saves 65% of the water used by standard showers and is manufactured in the USA.
Looks as good as it feels.
Nebia is an upgrade to virtually any bathroom. Crafted from anodized, rust-proof aluminum, it is refined yet tough enough to withstand years of use.

Make every drop count.
Nebia leverages advances in thermofluids and design to create a better shower experience while saving you thousands of gallons of water each year. With those savings, Nebia pays for itself in a couple years.

Nebia Spa Shower 2.0
We heard your feedback. We made it better.

The Nebia Spa Shower 2.0 features brand new proprietary spray nozzles, which have been re-engineered for optimal warmth, rinsing, and body coverage. The nozzles are perfectly positioned to maximize the water that comes into contact with your skin, leaving it more hydrated and refreshed.

Nebia 2.0 is 29% warmer than Nebia 1.0, with 3X faster droplets and 2X greater coverage than a standard shower, all while saving 65% of water.

Now in stunning Matte Silver and Matte Black finishes to match your bathroom aesthetic.

Our team is driven by an obsessive passion for creating better experiences, as well as a core belief that we can be more responsible consumers of Earth’s most precious resources.

Our mission is to transform how people interact with water, by building innovative products that people love to use and that are better for the planet. We decided to start with the shower, where we experience some of the most intimate and restorative moments we have with water. Collectively, Nebia showers have already saved over 100 million gallons of water and we are on track to save one billion gallons of water by 2021.

At Nebia, we are not only building products – we are building a movement. We hope you’ll join us

Nebia is an upgrade to virtually any bathroom

Crafted from anodized

rust-proof aluminum

it is refined yet tough enough to withstand years of use.


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