Roof Evaporative Cooling System


What is a Roof Misting System?

The roof of your house is the primary line of safeguard in securing your property against harm. Nonetheless, consistent openness to daylight can disintegrate the nature of your roof over the long haul. Furthermore, if not fixed ideal, it can neglect to withstand serious climate components and won’t ensure you and your homes inside as it ought to.


  1. Heat Reduction 
  2. Natural Flying Insect Repellant

Why Roof Cooling System is required for your home or commercial space? 

Roof tiles are made with fundamental oils and climate-proofing synthetics that assist tiles with moving and change shape to shield your inside from harm. 

Notwithstanding, with time, the warmth from the sun gradually and continuously evaporates these oils in view of which the tiles lose their adaptability and at last debilitate. Disintegrating and powerless tiles are known to offer an approach to genuine underlying harm to your roof. UV beams can likewise make openings that give entry to rainwater, bringing about spills. Along these lines, keep your roof’s surface cool and very much shielded from the sun.